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Meet Amelia


Let's work together to find the way forward.

I wonder what brought you here, and how I can support you. My hope is that together we can bring you into connection with a sense of wholeness and vitality. Let’s uncover and develop those spaces inside you.

It may be you are experiencing difficult transitions, depression, anxiety, or the effects of trauma. Anywhere on this spectrum can be difficult, and at times lonely, to navigate if we don't have support and skills. If I am not the person to support you on this journey, I'd love to help you find them.


If you'd like to work together, we can start by building our conscious toolbox to meet your aims, including working together to find your superpowers, explore and map your subtle depths, and lean into the challenges knocking at the door of your consciousness, asking to be felt and moved through. You have full permission to keep the gems of your discoveries and leave behind the suffering they came encased in.

Let's connect and see if we're a match to begin this leg of the journey together. Reach out to schedule a free 30 minute conversation.

Why Naturopathy

How I work

Forest Road

How I work...

There are many skillful and valuable paths to actualizing the self. In order to both ease and heal the challenges you are facing, we can cultivate a few essential skills for your toolbox. We acknowledge the body with somatic tools and gentle embodiment, encouraging awareness and conscious breath to know the body as well as the subtle self. There is also the developmental and shadow work lens, and together we take deep dives into the psyche to explore what energetic 'knots' would like to be untangled to release your creative enlivening energy. 

My deepest orientation is that healing is possible, You may have learned that you can survive by white-knuckling through life, and many times even that is an incredible achievement. But together, our aim is to not just survive but to thrive. Together we can develop skills that help us soften the hold of suffering, but still allow you to keep all your hard earned wisdom of experience. 

Reach out for a free 30 minute conversation if this resonates with you and you're curious to connect.


Ellie is one of the most trauma-informed, heart-centered practitioners and humans that I've ever met. The combination of her extensive clinical knowledge, precise attunement, warmth and keen intuition create profound opportunities for healing. I felt deeply cared for, understood, held and supported during pivotal times in my life by Ellie. I walked away from my sessions with Ellie feeling nourished, empowered and self-connected. 

Stephanie A


A glimpse into my journey...

How can I know that healing is possible? I have been through my own journey of healing PTSD, from having been the victim of a violent crime, complicated by grief and loss of my daughter. 

With the help of many therapeutic tools, aids, and some very attuned people, including one-on-one work with Peter Levine, I went deeply into making sense of my world, accepting the deep offering that the challenge gifted me; to know myself and my capacity for resilience more deeply, not in spite of the pain but in processing and moving through it. I was able to keep the wisdom and offering that challenges offer while resolving many painful symptoms of PTSD such as flashbacks, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, invasive thoughts, and overactive fight--flight-freeze. 

However, you don't have to have trauma or be in extreme distress to benefit from my experience. I will meet you at whatever crossroads you are at to support you.

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Boulder, Colorado


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